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Can I specify options for the shops?
YES! Along with the type of shop, you can target employees, pinpoint objectives, and other parameters such as a rush shop. Specific parameters may lengthen the process. Completion of rush shops, however, is not guaranteed again due to variables and requires an extra fee.

What is the timeline for receiving shops?
Telephone, internet and narrative shops have the fastest turnaround. Audio and video shops take longer due to scheduling and transfer of our state-of-the-art equipment to individual shoppers. Overall, shops are delivered within one to four weeks from your order. With most video shops the goal is to complete within 4 weeks, however, there are variables that can change circumstances.

Can I order competitive shops and “bonused” shops?
Of course! With competitive shops, onsite we may only be able to perform a narrative shop due to one- or two-party consent states.  We also offer “Announce and Award” shops for employees that demonstrate your required parameters.

Will the evaluations be appropriate for my company?
All evaluations can be customized for your company, region or location for content and scoring.

How OLD is the shop when I receive it?
Shops are delivered after our 3-step quality control process within 7‐10 days after the date the shop was performed.

How are shops delivered?
Shops, evaluations and/or reports are delivered via email. Embedded links open documents, audio recordings and videos and can be accessed at your convenience saving you time and money.

If my information is available on the internet, is it safe?
YES! All information is accessible in our secure website with a log in and individual password AND can be HIERARCHAL. Local staff only can see information regarding their location; regional directors view only information in their portfolio; corporate staff can have company wide access.

Are the evaluations accurate?
Evaluations undergo a 3‐step quality control process to confirm accuracy of objective questions, content and correct grammar and punctuation. Shoppers answer and comment on subjective questions based on their opinion of the situation or as they perceive the situation during the shop.

How are my results tracked?
All evaluations are scored to allow compilation of customized statistics to reflect results for the company, region, locations, evaluation category or even specific questions on the evaluation.

How are statistics reported?
AStatistics can be reported monthly, quarterly or annually. Reports can be customized to reflect scores by location, consultant, region, area, categories and even specific questions valuable to your needs.

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