Dynamic Reporting

From the findings of your specific evaluations, customized and personalized reports can be based on the results of your shops are available in real time.

Gain time and cost saving benefits with our custom tools & reports by quickly identifying and prioritizing based on your results available on demand quarterly & annually. View the videos or listen to recorded mystery shops and calls to further evaluate strengths and weaknesses online at your convenience.

With our dynamic reporting capabilities, based on the results of shops, see:

  • Trends & history of company-wide data
  • Specific and individual locations
  • Specific and individual employees

The more shops you have, the detailed the reports become. Our custom reports allow monitoring of specific questions and question sets, compare the results across an entire company or compare only specific hierarchical levels.

The ability to customize is truly infinite. Communicate needs and ideas with our highly trained data management experts and they will promptly help get at-a-glance information that drives results.

Shops are always checked for viewing and listening effectiveness as well as accuracy of the title page and shop parameters.

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