Other Types of Shops

Your employees represent your company to customers and prospective residents. A secret shop program enhances their presentations.

We use experienced secret shoppers who also complete specific certifications for your industry and they coached on how to allow the sales or leasing consultant to perform at their very best.

We perform all conventional types of shops but specialize in video shops. All shops include an online standard or custom evaluation, access to appropriate portions of our internal database system and quarterly reporting

  • Narrative/Written Shops – An onsite visit is performed without recordings alongside an evaluation completed by our shopper.
  • Audio Shops – The onsite visit is recorded with a concealed audio recorder, uploaded in MP3 or WAV files and embedded in the PDF of the shop evaluation.
  • Telephone Shops – A recorded, or non‐recorded call performed alone or with any other type of shop along with the written evaluation.
  • Internet Shops – Custom formats around individual needs, most commonly to track responsiveness to internet inquiries.
  • Competitive Shops – Any type of conventional shop to determine your competitor’s pricing, policies, and procedures. Video and audio competitive shops are available if state consent laws permit.
  • Digital Photograph Shops – A tool to actually see interior and exterior marketing found throughout the shop locations. These shops can be performed alone or with any other type of shop to be customized as needed.
  • Announce & Award Shops – With exceptional service or when a specific policy or procedure is followed by an employee, the secret shopper announces themselves and awards something to the employee. Awards can be monetary, gift cards or a certificate for something special.

All evaluation change requests, and custom upgrades should be submitted via email HERE

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