Video Shops

Video shops allow you to see and experience a typical day to day interaction. Your employees and associates represent your company to customers and prospective residents.

Shoppers utilize the newest technology in concealed equipment to record shops covertly. The equipment is hidden on themselves and shoppers are trained in both equipment usage and client expectations for shops. Shoppers adhere to CDC guidelines when necessary.

We comply with all state laws regarding secret shops and one or more-party consents. We will gladly assist in setting up your video shop program to be in compliance with state laws.

Our Processes:

• After shops are performed and audited, you’ll receive the videos through an embedded link in a PDF. With the simple click of your mouse, you’ll see the streaming HD video. Full access is available for 6 months or videos can be downloaded. Longer website access and availability is an option.

All shops include an online evaluation, access to appropriate portions of our internal database system and quarterly reporting.

  • In-Person Tour Shops
  • Virtual Tour Shops
  • Self-led Tour Shops

Ready to Learn More?

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